Weapons are the life blood of soldiers in Unchanged Reality, they are just plain old amazing and fun to use. The list below names all the weapons and grenades seen in game.

Weapons Edit

  HK2-50 w/Grenade Launcher
  HK2-70 Heavy Machine Gun
  VT-22 Heavy Support Cannon
  HK4-Phantom Plasma Rifle w/Grenade Launcher
  LG5-Delta Sniper Rifle
  LR-20 Assault Rifle
  Scoped LR-15 Assault Rifle w/Silencer
  V-15 Semi-Auto Handgun
  HK2-50 Light Machine Gun
  HK4-Phantom Plasma rifle
  LMG-B23 Light Machine Gun
  V-25 Full-Auto Handgun
  LK4 Light SMG [Dual Wield]
  Scoped SL-DMR w/silencer
  LR-15 Assault Rifle w/Silencer
  LR-15 Assault Rifle
  GT-10 Long-Range Sniper Rifle
  VI-15 Plasma Cannon
  VI-20 Plasma Rifle
  LK5-10 Heavy Support Cannon
  GT5 "Eradicator" Laser Cannon

Grenades Edit

  VI Plasma Grenade

  SS Fragmentation Grenade

  VI Flash Bang

  VI Smoke Grenade

  WG Gas Grenade

  WG Incendiary Grenade

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