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Unchanged Reality is a video game in pre-production. It was created by Andrew Harless. It currently has 15 chapters. You play as the main chracter, Jack Weston who is a retired officer in the New World Coalition Forces. It takes place in 2145 all over the universe

The Chapters are as follows;

1. Delta Flyer
2. Swamp Land
3. Dead Space
4. Red November
5. Bravery Isn't Forever
6. Proving Grounds
7. Cypress Point
8. Dark Watch
9. The Shipyard
10. Frontier's Reproach
11. Coalition Recon
12. ION Race
13. Triton's Final Hour
14. Cypress Revisited
15. Unchanged Reality

Main SettingEdit

Setting- Universe

Presiding General Leadership- New World Coalition

Colonies- 290 NWC Owned Colonies

Space Stations- 20 NWC Run Stations; 45 NWC Owned Stations; 15 Main Military Facility Stations; 50 Military Outpost Stations: 310 Supply and Colony Stations.

Notable Technology- Gravity Drives, Plasma and Laser Weaponary, Capital Super-ships, Cybernetics, Genetic + Biological Human Engineering, Terra-Forming, Overshields, Power Armor, Inter-Galatic Battleships, Hyper Drives, Plasma Generators, Cloning, Artificial Intelligence, Holographs, Cloaking Devices, Jet Packs, Planetary-Defense Platforms, Ion Cannons, VTOL Civilian Transport Craft. Colonization Space Stations, Asteroid Mining Operations.

Large Military/Mercenary Groups- New World Coalition Forces, Colonial Defence Foundation, Triton Mercenary Contracting, SunCo-Trade Defense, Nastrand Mining Protection Company, Federation of the Outer Rim

Notable Companies- SunCo Trade, Nastrand Mining Control, Ambo-Trade, Silver Science Corporation, Verklund Armaments, Glacier Enterprises, Veridian Transport, Williamson Genetics, McCarthy Cybernetics, Exillion Shipyards

Notable People- Cmd. Marius Fetaro, Cmd. Duston White, Lieut. Jack Weston, Cpt. Jeramiah White James McCarthy, Henry Williamson, Cpt. Marcus Rich, Amelia Williams, Liuet. Commander Jason Parks, Alfred Parker, Jacob Robinson, Thedore Hendrickson, Davis Weston, "Felix"

Notable Colonies/Planets- Earth, Station 11, Triton Station, Cypress, Nastrand Station 18, NWC Outpost 12, Exillion, Delta-12, Alpha-02, Alpha-15, Titan, CX-4 Moon Colony, NWCF Facility 01, Altair, CDF Shipyard, Venus, Apopka, FTOR Station 06, Ambo-Trade Center, Silver Station, Verklund Proving Grounds.

Notable Ships- Spirt of Bravery (NWC Capital Colony Ship), FTOR Frontier (Hyper Space Enabled Destroyer), The Columbia (Veridian Captial Transport Vessel), Persephone (Triton Hyper Space Enabled Carrier), Spirt of Dawn (NWC Capital Colony Ship), AT-15 (Cypress Planetary-Defense Platform) Hermes (Triton Battleship), NMC Exavier (Nastrand Mining Vessel) NWCF Newland (Capital Inter-Galactic Battleship) ST-FG001 (SunCo-Trade Frieghter) NWC Justice (Prison Transport)

Equipment Edit

During the game, characters use all different sorts of equipment. There are multiple types of uniforms, weapons, grenades and vehicles.

Latest activityEdit

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