New World Coalition OverviewEdit

The New World Coaltion is the main system of government in Unchanged Reality. Lead by Cmd. Duston White They are the ones who make the big decisions and protect the people. They were created by a group of people known as the New World Council after the Global Nuclear War on Earth in the 2100's.

New World Coaltion Command GroupEdit

Government Command:

1st in Command: Cmd. Duston White
2nd in Command: Cmd. Marius Fetaro

Military Force's Command:

1st in Command: Lieut. Commander Jason Parks
2nd in Command: Cpt. Jeramiah White

New World Coaltion ForcesEdit

The NWCF is the Military Command for the NWC. Their job is to keep the people safe and keep order within the NWC. They are commanded by Lieut. Commander Jason Parks.

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