Lieutenant Jack Weston is the Leader of the Triton Mercenaries and a retired officer in the NWCF. He is considered a cybernetic super-soldier and is trained in almost every aspect of combat.


Jack is one of the few people in the game who was born on Earth. He remembers the Global Nuclear War very clearly and even remembers where he was. He is 32 but is still one of the youngest in Triton. Throughout gameplay the player can find that he has a special fondness for Books and Technology. Although never married he shows hints of affection for Amelia Williams throughout.


Being born on Earth he was put into the NWCF at 17. It didn't take long for him to be accepted into the cybernetics program. After exiting the program he was transfered into the NWCF Special Forces where he did Black Ops missions. It was him who found out about the Federation's plans to revolt. This got him his officer rank advancement. When the war started in 2140 he was put on the front lines. His Dropship was shot down in 2142 though and after medical treatment was discharged from the NWCF. Not finished with combat or the Federation though he created Triton which came up the list fast as one of the largest Mercenary groups. Sponsored now by the military they were a group of hired guns that would do the work the NWCF didn't want to. He stayed here throughout the game. The Triton Space Station was created 2 years before the war ended.


Jack's advanced military training taught him everything he knows. He has no real specialty since he has an equal advanced knowledge in all tactics. Most of his skills come from cybernetic intelligence placements in his brain that help his motor skills and sight. During most of the game though Jack uses his LR-20 which hints he may be more of an assault class person.

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