Jacob Robinson is the Commander of the Federation in the year 2146. He is a hardened Veteran who used to be a commanding officer in the NWCF. He was considered mentaly unstable when he was released from the NWCF and some believe thats what lead him to insanity when he formed the Federation.

Mental Stability Edit

Mediclly Jacob is considered insane and a danger to himself and others. He escaped from NWCF only to disappear for a time when he left to form the Federation. He is deranged and doctors say he has severe hallucinations at times.

Leadership Edit

Although he is mentally unstable, he is an incredible leader and has got many to rebel against the NWC. Those who follow him follow for their own reasons, but those who stay faithful to the NWC can't see why they would want to. Despite is insanity, Jacob is incredibly organized and still comes up with good battle plans.

Attributes Edit

Some say hes kind to those he knows but those he know say otherwise. He was known during his time at the NWCF as being a rude, bad-mouthed officer who threatened to kill those who disobey or fail. He is generally very focused and loses his tempor very easily.

Appearences Edit

He is never actually seen in the game, audo messages are heard and you do see his face once in a painting aboard the FTOR Station 6. He is a tall man with short dirty-blonde hair and a long scar running across his face. He is seen as middle aged with a bony face.

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