One of the most notable and feared ships owned by the federation, this Hyper-Space Destroyer can appear as if from no where, attack an unsuspecting carrier, and be halfway across the galaxy in under 15 minutes. It's deadly ION Cannons can take out almost anything in a mear seconds of firing. Fortuantly because of the ION Act of 2142, the ION Cannons are much more expensive to use and attacks from the Frontier have become rare.

Weapons Systems Edit

The FTOR Frontier is rumored to be one of the deadliest ships in the galaxy save the NWCF Newland. Its multi-million dollar weapons system is unlike any others. It's Main and Secondary armaments consit of;

Main Armaments
   -6 Heavy ION Cannons
   -10 Thermonuclear Sub-Space Missile Pods
Secondary Armaments
   -25 Dual AA Laser Cannons
   -10 Anti-Missile Chaffs

Shielding Systems Edit

The FTOR Frontier uses a unique shielding system. In addition to the incredible armor plating of the hull and the normal electro-generated shield, The Frontier uses 2 modified stealth generators to provide a full Thermal Covering of the hull.

Hyper-Space Drive Edit

The FTOR was originaly built as a Frieght vessal using a modified destroyer hull. It was one of the first Hyper-Space enabled friegters of its time. When the Federation Captured it in 2139, they modified it back to it's original destroyer state while keeping the Hyper-Space Drive.

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