Delta Flyer is the first chapter in Unchanged Reality. It takes place in Station 11 and the surrounding areas on Venus

Main Story Overview Edit

In this chapter, Jack must escape from Station 11 as Federation Troops invade Venus. Jack must make his way through the underground station in a vain attempt to re-activate the defenses. Eventually, he must give up and escape with Amelia Williams From the station.

Chapter Summaries Edit

Part 1:
  Finding Control:
  Going to The Servers:
Part 2:
   Activate Backup Generators:
   Repair Targeting System:
   Find Amelia:
Part 3:
   Meet at Rendevous Point:
   Defend the EVAC Site:

Seen Enemy NPC Edit

Federation Infantry
Federation Pilot
Federation Grenadier
Federation Support Gunner

Weapons in Chapter Edit

HK2-50 w/Grenade Launcher

Vehicles in Chapter Edit

Federation Light Drop Ship
Federation G12-Bomber
IVECO Mining Truck
Eagle IX Personnel Vehicle "Bat"
Federation IRIS SAM Truck
Federation Vehicle Drop Ship

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