Dead Space is the third chapter in Unchanged Reality, it takes place aboard the NMC Exavier and Nastrand Station 18.

Main Story Overview Edit

After boarding the Fanta at the end of the level Swamp Land, Lieut. Jack Weston and Jared Williams make their way to Nastrand Mining Corps Station 18. While re-supplying the NMC Exavier jumps in with 4 Federation Gunships on its tail. Jack must man the AA Cannons aboard the station and help the Exavier safely dock to the Station through the asteroid field. Once docked Jack and the stations crew find out that the Exavier had previously been boarded and the crew was taken hostage, Jack and Jared must make their way through the ship to the bridge to kill the Federation Captain and rescue the crew. It is here they find out about the federations real plan. They then have to hold off

Chapter Summaries Edit

Part 1:
   Get to the Guns:
   Take out The Gunships:
   Destroy the Oncoming  Asteroids:
Part 2:
   Board the Exavier:
   Get to the Bridge:
   Kill Remaining Soldiers

Seen Enemy NPC Edit

Federation Elite
Federation Infantry
Federation Officer
Federation Engineer
Federation Pilot

Weapons in Chapter Edit

V-15 Semi-Auto Handgun
GT5 "Eradicator"

Vehicles in Chapter Edit

Federation AC-520 Gunships
NMC Exavier
NWCF Fanta Transport Ship

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