Dr. Davis Weston Character OverviewEdit

Doctor Davis Weston is the younger, smarter brother of Unchanged Reality Protagonist, Lieut. Jack Weston. He is in charge of Laser-Weapon Development with Verklund Weapons, at the Verklund Proving Grounds Station.


During the game he works on a secret project later revealed as the experimental LMG-89. From dialouge it is hinted that he may of created the Modified LR-15's seen in the Chapter Dark Watch. Westons department logo is also seen on the scopes on the DMR's seen in Triton's Final Hour. Although the DMR's themselves were developed by Silver Science Corporation.


Weston is only seen once during gameplay in the Chapter Low Battery while evacuating on a civilian version of the Matta. With the exception of that and cutscenes, he is only ever heard in radio diolouge.

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