Dark Watch is the 8th level in Unchanged Reality and takes place in the region Altair on the planet Cypress. The entire level is played in the dark and its the only level where you see Federation Commandos. It's the longest level in the game and is the only one with 5 chapters.

Main Story Overview Edit

After leaving Columbia City, Jack suits up and heads off to Altair with his crew. Fully loaded in what the NWCF call "Dark Watch" Equipment. Equiped with Modifed Semi-Auto Silenced LR-15's they make their way into the darkness to capture an outpost that has been captured by Federation Commandos. They manuver through the canyon making sure to kill anything that moves. Once they enter the outposts vicinity they hijack a Rhino and make their way into the stations deep underground network. When they arrive in the stations core they find Thedore Hendrickson again waiting for them with his commandos. They fight him off only for him to escape through a prototype personal hyper-drive. They then must defend the base from oncoming Federation Drop Ships and Tanks until help from CDF arrives.

Chapter Summaries Edit

Part 1:
   Head Into The Cliffs
   Get Through The Snipers:
   Attack them with Force:
Part 2:
   Head to the Outpost Walls:
   Break the Barrier:
   Steal Something Fast:
Part 3:
   Get to the Bottom:
   Find the Core:
   Kill Thedore:
Part 4:
   Get out of the Outpost:
   Defend the outpost from oncoming Drop Ships:
   Hold off the Tanks:
Part 5: 
   Destroy the SAM Vehicles:
   Prepare an EVAC Site:
   Hold off Infantry while CDF helps civis:

Seen Enemy NPC Edit

Federation Commando
Federation Elite
Federation Engineer
Federation Pilot
Federation Infantry
Federation Sniper
Federation Grenadier
Federation Support Gunner
Federation Major Thedore Hendrickson

Weapons in Chapter Edit

HK2-50 w/Grenade Launcher
HK4-Phantom w/Grenade Launcher
LG5-Delta Sniper Rifle
GT5 "Eradicator"
Scoped LR-15 w/Silencer

Vehicles in Chapter Edit

Federation Rhino Transport Truck
Federation "Armagedon" Tank
Federation Light Drop Ships
Federation Vehicle Drop Ships
Federation IRIS SAM Truck
CDF Freedom Gunships
CDF ST-12 Infantry Carriers
Triton VB-11 Bombers
Eagle IX Personnel Vehicle "Bat"

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