Commander Fetaro is Duston Whites 2IC and the Executive Officer over all of the NWC. He is one of 4 named characters who were born on Earth. He is originally from central Medimaret Republic which is where modern day Italy is. He was a political leader before the Global Nuclear War and helped refugees from the north enter the Republic.

Political Background Edit

Marius was a political leader for the Medimaret Republic before the Global Nuclear War. He loved his position and helped lots of refugees into the country.

New World Coalition Background Edit

Duston White chose Marius to be his 2IC because of the things Marius did back on Earth. He liked his political viewpoints and decided that the NWC could use a man like him. Since then he has done lots for the Coalition

Appearences Edit

Marius is never seen, nor heard in the game. But from his name and the location of where he is from you can assume he is a middle aged Italian male. Not much is said about him so his attributes arn't really mentioned.

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