Duston White is the current CO of the NWC. He has a military background that traces back to the Royal Air Force on Earth. He is a great political leader and strives to do whatever he can to help his people.

Military History Edit

Before the Global Nuclear war on Earth in the 2100's, Duston was a Captain in the RAF for Great Britain.

Political Background Edit

His father served in parliment before the Global Nuclear War, although he states thats not why he wanted to do something for the universe. He states that during the war he started thinking about all the changes he wished he could do to the world. Things that he figured would help humanity as a whole. He was elected by the New World Council as CO when it was formed in 2135.

New World Coalition Background Edit

He helped form the NWC back when the New World Council was formed in 2135. He was elected by them to lead the new group and he has ever since. He picked Marius has his XO soon after. When Jason Parks pushed towards a NWC Force, Duston put Jason in charge.

Appearences Edit

He is only seen during cutscenses through visual devices used by NWCF and Triton. He is visualized as a well fit, middle aged man with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. He's described by people as, happy, kind and serious when he needs to be. Which funny enough is a lot more then it used to be.

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